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Master Curtis R.W Quick. 6th Degree Black Belt. Founder of Quick Shool of Martial Arts & Silent Fist System.

Master Tony "Taariq" Baker, 5th Degree Black Belt. Head Instructor at our Newark, Lyons Ave location.

Anthony L. Baker, a.k.a. “Taariq” started training in Martial Arts at twelve years of age.   My first introduction to Karate was with an  8th grade classmate in 1972, George Cabaras, who studied Martial Arts.  After school we often worked out in his basement, it was dark, damp and what I remember most was the push-ups on my knuckles on that hard cement floor!  Later that year, my best friend, Rodney Guiles, started teaching me Karate, he trained under the instruction of Eugene Floyd (currently Master Eugene Floyd) who  would make trips to 6th Street in Newark just to work us out!  The training was “old school Grand Master Frederick Godfrey training” all the way!  Soon we were making trips across town a few nights a week to work out with Floyd, Reginald Goode and Dwight Walker.  

I trained with Floyd in the Ninja Ryu Karate System for approximately 13 years.  I was promoted twice to the rank of purple belt during those years (and got demoted for not coming to class on a regular basis).  For a time I briefly trained at the turtle system under Master Bose as well.  

I took off after training with Master Floyd in 1985 for about 15 years!   I stayed in shape and when my son, Qadri, started training with Master Quick in the Kemite/Silent Fist System, he suggested I start training again, that was in 2000.  Since then I have been promoted several times and now hold the rank of Master Instructor 4th Degree Tae Kwon Do/Karate under Master Quick whose instructor is Grandmaster Dr. Bruce Marshall.  


Master Antwone Davis. 4th Degree Black Belt. Instructor at our Maryland location.

Born August 5, 1982, Antwone Davis was raised in Newark, New Jersey in an area where positive influence was hard to find. While attending Morton Street Elementary School I was involved in an after school program called The Friendly Fuld Neighborhood Center (FFNC).   While active in the program for several years I had the opportunity to meet Master Curtis Quick, who introduced the "Quick School of Martial Arts" to FFNC in 1990. Although during this time my Dad and I spent a lot of time together I stayed with my mom. Being raised by a single parent faced with these challenges and city life martial arts was an escape route for me, it allowed me to use the focus, both mentally & physically, wisdom, leadership, sparring, self-defense and mostly discipline to grow and develop into a capable and productive man. 

During the early 90’s I practiced with Master Quick and his other instructors every day.  Under their direction I wanted to absorb as much knowledge as I could.  Training from such dedicated master instructors daily does not come without bumps & bruises…but I have learned that dedication, blood, sweat and tears pays off in the long run.  As a result of my time and the exposure that I was given I have become very knowledgeable about Karate, specializing in Kata’s also known as Forms. My favorite Kata to perform is Kanku-Dai (translation “looking at sky.”)  

Master Quick has played as a father figure to me and allowed me to learn many valuable life lessons on and off the mats in the dojo.  In addition, my fellow students have taught me what brotherhood is all about.  Throughout my life I have participated in various tournaments, parades, demonstrations and have enjoyed them thoroughly.

I put martial arts on hold to attend Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI where I achieved a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. After school I returned to my passion of Martial Arts and as a result, I earned my 3rd Degree Black Belt in September 2007.  With the guidance I’ve received it’s made me realize how important it is to give back the knowledge that was instilled in me. I currently give back to the community that once was a great benefit to me by donating my time and knowledge to upcoming students of the martial arts community.   

Sensei Jose Jaquez. 3rd Degree Black Belt. Instructor at our Newark, Lyons Ave location

Master Adam Lawson. 4th Degree Black Belt. Instructor at our Newark, Lyons Ave location.

I was introduced to Martial Arts in 1991 at the age of 6 as part of the Friendly Fuld Neighborhood Center after school program on Court Street in Newark NJ, under the instruction of Master Curtis Quick. Despite suffering from asthma and a heart murmur as well as being very small for my age, I trained hard on a daily basis and eventually made Black Belt in 1998 at the age of 13. Martial Arts has allowed me to travel around the country with my class mates and compete in National level tournaments. It has also given me the opportunity to go places and see things that a lot of kids from my city weren't fortunate enough to see. Through years of dedication and hard work, I made 3rd degree black belt in 2007. I am currently giving back to my community and passing on what I learned as a Assistant Instructor at the Quick School of Martial Arts-Silent Fist Newark NJ location.

Sensei Carlton Way. Recently promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt currently teaching martial arts at The Waterfront on Grafton Avenue in Newark, and also at Quick School of Martial Arts on Lyons Avenue in Newark

Professional accomplishments

 · Carlton first started marital arts at the age of 12; studying Tai Chi.

·  Carlton ran track from age 9 through college, winning several awards in track and field

·  Carlton played pop warner football from the age of 9 and also played football in high school

·  Carlton was a personal trainer at LA Fitness for 2 ½ years, and as well as a personal trainer for his past church.

·  Carlton started training under Master Tony Baker in 2009 at Quick School of Martial Arts, learning the Silent Fist System (karate/Tai Kwon do).

·  Carlton has moved up in the ranks and is now a First Degree Black Belt.

Carlton Way attended East Orange High School, and graduated in 1985, and then attended Lincoln University for 2 years.  After Lincoln University, Carlton held several jobs over the years, and is currently working at L’Oreal USA. 

Carlton is dedicated to a fault, where he puts all his energy in training youth to better develop their insecurities and promote discipline by incorporating it into his teachings. 

Carlton enjoys teaching as it fulfills his desire to reach as many students as possible with his mantra being “If I can just reach one kid, I did a good job because it only takes one.”

Sensei Jordan Smith. Instructor at our Maryland School

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